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Troja Chateau - City Gallery Prague

Troja Chateau in Prague outskirt is a Baroque castle from the 17 th century. It is a sophisticated and decorative building, projected by Jean Baptiste Mathey for Wenzel Count of Sternberg. The chateau is richly decorated with large paintings and it has a garden designed in French style. Exhibitions of the City Gallery Prague are located there.

Count of Sternberg had this castle built between 1680 and 1688. He hoped it could help him to gain an aristocratic title and it really did. He entrusted excellent European artists to build the chateau. Author of the whole conception is J. B. Mathey and the building work was led by Domenico Orsi de Orsini.

Splendid decoration

Troja Chateau is a shapely building with a main hall in the center. The main hall is connected with the garden by a monumental staircase, embellished with interesting sculptures: there are statues of Antique Gods and Goddesses, fighting with Titans. That could also be the origin of the name “Troja”, which gave the name to the whole Prague district.

The Main Hall walls and ceiling are painted with frescoes celebrating the victory of Habsburg army against the Turks. Neighbouring rooms are decorated with paintings depicting antique mythology once again. There are 4000 square metres of paintings in the chateau altogether.

Garden of the Troja Chateau

The chateau is surrounded by a beautiful French garden. There used to stand a big Baroque fountain and a pool, but it was destroyed, probably by Prussian army in 1757. At the present, you can see two symmetric fountains there and decorative terracotta vases.

Troja Chateau is an exhibition space of the City Gallery Prague. Czech art of the 19 th century can be seen there.

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