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New World in Prague - where artists get inspired

The New World (Novy Svet) is one of the most beautiful places in Prague. It is situated near the Prague Castle. Mostly poor people had built their homes there in previous centuries and that´s why the houses are very small and picturesque and streets are very narrow. It was built between the 16 th and 18 th century and it gradually became a favourite place of artists, because of the romantic atmosphere and quietness that reigns there. Little cafés and restaurants will tempt you to visit them there.

History of the picturesque New World

This outskirt of the Castle District was founded already in the 14 th century. It was destroyed by fire in 1420 and it burned down once again later. The development of the area started in the 16 th century. Several important personalities lived there, because they wanted to stay close to the royal residence at the Prague Castle. For example, the court astronomer of Rudolph II., Johannes Kepler, lived in the House “At the Golden Griffin” (No.1) at the turn of the 17 th century. Artists and writers were attracted to the New World later.

Historical houses in the New World

The best-known house in the New World is the House “At the Golden Pear” (No.3). It is a Baroque house from the 18 th century and there is a restaurant inside.

The House “At the Golden Grape” (No.5) was built in 1694 on the foundations of two medieval buildings. It has a Classicist facade and a bay supported by stone cantilevers.

The House “At the Golden Plough” (No.25) used to be a home of the world-renowned violin virtuoso Frantisek Ondricek in the 19 th century.

There is a valuable example of the people´s architecture in the Cerninska Street. It is a timbered house called House “At the Crayfish”. (No.10)

Walk in the Castle District

The New World borders with the former Lumbe Gardens in the north. If you take a walk along the Novy Svet Lane and continue along the Kanovnicka Lane, you will arrive to the Castle Square by the Prague Castle. If you choose the Cerninska Street, it will lead you to the Loretto Square with the famous Loretto Shrine.

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