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Jubilee Synagogue - the largest synagogue in Prague

Jubilee Synagogue in Prague New Town is the largest and also the newest synagogue in Prague. It was built in pseudo-Moresque style in 1906. It is an impressive building with splendid decoration, projected by renowned builder of synagogues, Viennese architect Wilhelm Stiassne.

Jubilee Synagogue was built to replace the buildings, which disappeared during the demolition of Prague Jewish ghetto in the 19 th century. The name “Jubilee Synagogue” reminds the 50 th anniversary of governance of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Decoration of the Jubilee Synagogue

The impressive frontage of the Jubilee Synagogue has a big arch and a large rose-window with a six-pointed Star of David. There are colorful decorations in the aisle, interesting wall paintings and stuccoes. Tablets with Ten Commandments are placed on the inner front wall. Side galleries are for women, they have separate entrance. There are 850 seats in the Jubilee Synagogue.

Rich ornaments in Viennese Art Nouveau style were discovered under the facade during restoration. It is a unique decoration, no other synagogue in the world is decorated like this.

Divine services take place in the synagogue continually with an exception of years of Nazi occupation.

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