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Clam-Gallas Palace - a gem of Baroque architecture in Prague

This Baroque pearl, one of the most beautiful Prague palaces is situated in the Prague Old Town, in Husova street. It was projected by the imperial court architect Johann Bernhard Fisher von Erlach from Vienna and built by Italian architect Domenico Canevale in 1713. It is a place, where splendid balls and concerts took place in the 18 th century, attended for example by Mozart and Beethoven.

The Clam – Gallas Palace was built for the Viceroy of Naples Johann Wenceslaus Count of Gallas. When the Gallas family died out in 1757, the palace devolved on Kristian Filip of Clam, the son of the Gallas´s sister. That´s the way the Clam – Gallas family was established.

Impressive Baroque palace

The monumental palace complex has four tracts around a square courtyard. It is a precious example of a purely Viennese Baroque architecture. It is decorated with statues by M. B. Braun: there are pairs of Giants statues by both portals of the palace.

Inside the Clam – Gallas Palace, there is a beautiful staircase and some paintings by famous Italian artist Carlo Carlone above the staircase. Most of the paintings were inspired by antique mythology.

Mozart and Beethoven in the Clam – Gallas Palace

The central hall of the whole palace is the Marble Hall, also called White, Golden or Gala Hall. The former dance hall is decorated with mirrors and crystal chandeliers. It used to be a place where balls were organized and for example W. A. Mozart and his wife were among guests. Ludwig van Beethoven played a concert in this hall and he also dedicated some little musical pieces to the Clam-Gallas family.

A lack of money for administrating such a huge palace forced the Clam – Gallas family to let some rooms for rent. Several rooms became offices and Franz Kafka worked here as a trainee when he finished his law studies.

Place of concerts and exhibitions

The Clam – Gallas family lost the palace in 1945 due to so-called Benes decrees, dealing with the German families status in Czechoslovakia after the World War II. The Clam – Gallas family declared its German nationality.

The Prague City Archive was placed in the Clam – Gallas Palace later and at the present time, there are exhibitions and concerts held in the palace halls.

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