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Prague Archbishop´s Palace with beautiful frontage

The imposing Archbishop´s Palace at the Castle Square by the Prague Castle has been the seat of Prague Archbishops continually since the 16 th century. It was rebuilt many times in various styles – Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo features can be seen there. Especially the decorative frontage catches one´s attention.

The original palace was built for Florian Griespek of Griesbach, the secretary of the Czech Chamber and confidant of Emperor Ferdinand I. in the first half of the 16 th century. Ferdinand I. bought the palace in 1561 and gave it to the Prague Archbishop Antonin Brousa of Mohelnice. It has been a residence of Prague archbishopric ever since.

Renaissance decoration

The Archbishop´s Palace was rebuilt in 1562 – 1563 in Renaissance style, according to a project by Bonifac Wohlmut, and later once again by Ulrico Aostalli. There are still some remains of Renaissance sgraffitoes from the 16 th century in the courtyard of the palace.

Chapel of St. John the Baptist was built in the palace in 1599. It is decorated with stuccoes and paintings by Daniel Alexius of Kvetna.

Changes through the centuries

The Archbishop´s Palace was radically rebuilt as a Baroque building in 1676. Archbishop Jan Friedrich of Waldstein entrusted the French artist Jean Baptist Mathey to make a project for it and the building work was led by Francesco Lurago.

There used to be a ditch between the Prague Castle and the Archbishop´s palace and it was filled up in the 18 th century. The palace was rebuilt once again by J. J. Wirch to look harmonized with the Prague Castle. The frontage was adorned with Rococo decorations.

Splendid interior of the Archbishop´s Palace

The interior of the palace is extraordinary. There are many wood-carvings and Rococo stuccoes, beautiful chandeliers, contemporary furniture, and lots of valuable glass and porcelain.

The most interesting salons are the Throne Hall and the Eating Room, decorated with nine tapestries from Paris from the 18 th century. There are portraits of Prague Archbishops in the Eating Room.

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